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VP Bank and Leonteq to collaborate on structured products

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VP Bank is expanding its range of structured products. The Bank will develop and distribute new solutions in partnership with Leonteq.

In future, VP Bank will use Leonteq’s technology platform to offer and trade in structured investment products, and market these products to its clients, as part of a new, innovative white-labelling issuance model. VP Bank already offers structured investment products via third parties. However, this new partnership will see the Bank assume the role of guarantor and take charge of distribution.

Leonteq will in turn provide an international distribution mandate, giving VP Bank (as a guarantor) access to an extensive network of investors around the world. VP Bank clients will then be able to choose from an attractive range of products and benefit from additional advantages. This partnership will create a guarantor in the form of a Liechtenstein-based bank with an “A” rating from Standard & Poor’s. It will also give clients access to tailored structured products at attractive prices, even with low investment volumes. Subject to approval from the authorities, VP Bank’s first guaranteed structured investment products will be available on the Leonteq platform in the first quarter of 2022.

“This collaboration, and the fact that we can assume the role of guarantor ourselves, mean that in future, we will be able to offer our clients a comprehensive and attractive range of structured products. This underlines our strategic objective to become an international wealth management service provider. Leonteq is the ideal service and technology partner in this respect, as its areas of expertise complement ours perfectly, and vice versa,” explains Paul Arni, CEO of VP Bank.

Lukas Ruflin, CEO of Leonteq, adds: “We are delighted to welcome VP Bank, a leading bank for private clients and intermediaries, to our white-labelling platform. This collaboration will give clients unparalleled access to structured investment products, and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise and solutions with our new partner.”

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