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VP Bank Corona-Crisis-Barometer: A life with take-away food

Dr. Thomas Gitzel, Chief Economist
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Things are moving forward. Life is increasingly returning to normal in the face of a low incidence of infection.


Last updated: 15 June 2021

In the US, around 12,000 new corona cases per day were still being reported at last count. This is the lowest level since the country has been conducting extensive coronatests. The 7-day incidence has fallen to just under 26 and has thus halved within a month.

It is striking that restaurant visits fluctuate strongly. While the number of visitors at weekends is above the pre-crisis level in some places, crisis ni-veaus are recorded during the week. It seems that people have become accustomed to eating at home. During the week, most people refrain from going to restaurants.

US air traffic is slowly increasing. However, pre-crisis levels are not yet within reach. Global tourism is still far from the usual summer sales due to restrictions in place and the infection situation in emerging markets.

Electricity demand is now also gradually climbing. But here, too, the last few kilometres are still missing.

On the barometer: The measures taken to control the spread of the coronavirus have been drastic. The global economy is severely impaired, resulting in an unprecedented drop in gross
domestic product (GDP). The question is now, how fast the economy will rebound if the restrictions are lifted.

The VP Bank Corona Crisis Barometer tracks how well the economy is recovering.

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