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Staff development

Personal and professional development

As a bank we invest a lot – including in our own employees. With a range of development options we support you in your personal and professional development.

Are you looking for an employer who invests not only in the company but also in its personnel?

We promote the development of our employees according to their needs and their life circumstances. On request we provide individual professional assessments and career development advice. The focus is always on determining the experience, characteristics and skills our employees need in order to be able to perform their current or future function in the best possible way.

VP Bank enables me to develop both personally and professionally.

Stephanie Reinero, VP Bank (Switzerland) Ltd

Our basic principles

  • We encourage and support individual desires for further training.
  • We devise attractive in-house courses and seminars.
  • We provide on-the-job training through multiple-months foreign placements within VP Bank Group.
  • We recognise and encourage personal potential from early on.
  • We carefully prepare potential managers and specialists for their leadership roles.