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VP Bank brand

We guide you safely ahead

The future belong to those who move onwards towards their goals. Only one thing matters to us: helping our clients to get ahead.

We help our clients make progress – especially when they have high expectations. With professionalism and a personal touch we devote ourselves to furthering the cause of financial intermediaries and private clients. Responsibly, efficiently and always looking ahead.

Whether gradually or with decisive speed, we implement customised solutions that are in tune with the times. Clearly, securely and over many years. Together we can power ahead, from one unique experience to the next.

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As a guide through the day-to-day world of finance we support our clients with simple, effective and secure solutions. To help them get ahead and pick up entrepreneurial momentum. We are not afraid of taking risks, and inspire our clients at every twist and turn.

It's what we're known for

Commitment with a personal touch

As devoted personal financial advisors we stay close to the client, acting as a trustworthy companion over the years.

Customised and capable

We listen attentively to our clients, understand their real needs and then put together solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

An open-minded partner

We relish even the most difficult challenge, working with our clients to formulate the right solution for them.

Quick and simple

We make sure that everything goes quickly and smoothly. The more complex banking gets, the more we get to be ourselves.

Forward-looking and safe

We take the long view, acting responsibly and offering our clients the greatest possible reliability and security.

Where local meets global

We combine regional roots with a carefully targeted international presence. Giving our clients unique opportunities to grow their assets.

Inspiring and convincing

We aim to help our clients make significant progress, creating inspiring experiences for them.

Showing our profile

Security and transparency combined with vision and progress – that's exactly the meaning of our claim, "Safely ahead". Because we keep our sights firmly set on our clients' goals, our visual imagery takes "clarity" as its theme. Our excellence is expressed in a fresh, modern and distinctive manner. And we boil our message down to a single clear, comprehensible statement. The elegant, self-contained design vocabulary conveys our cherished independence and emanates a sense of calm. With the kind of precision and conciseness we bring to bear as advisors and asset managers.