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Policy and strategy

Growing our way into a secure future

We have clearly defined objectives which we pursue through a consistent strategy. With our focus on private banking and business with intermediaries we are all set for growth.

Our strategic orientation

VP Bank Group's business model has two principal pillars: private banking and business with intermediaries. To supplement these we engage in retail banking and commercial business in Liechtenstein and operate an international fund competence centre in Luxembourg.

We offer a comprehensive range of customised services for the benefit of our clients around the world.

Profitable growth
We aim to grow both organically and through acquisitions. We will achieve our growth objectives by strengthening our international locations, further developing the investment fund solutions provided by VP Fund Solutions and making profitable acquisitions. By offering attractive employment conditions we will recruit highly capable new client advisors in the years ahead.
Consistent focus
Our focus is on reducing the complexity and cost of our internal processes. Thanks to this strong emphasis on optimisation we have pinpointed many areas for potential savings and achieved significant efficiency improvements in recent years.
Strengthening our culture
Our corporate culture is devoted to the provision of flexible and effective advice. For this reason we maintain a high level of capability by ensuring that all our employees receive regular training and back-up in the form of certifications, practical placements and also digital tools. Our experts are linked in to international networks and work with each other across their various disciplines. In this way we cultivate highly trained and deeply motivated teams. Our clients benefit from a consistently high quality of advice for which we have regularly received the top awards.

International markets

We have clearly defined target markets which we cater to from our international locations. In Europe our target markets are Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia and Ukraine. In Asia they are Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Client segments and structure of clientele


Our objectives by 2020

Total client assets under management
CHF 50 billion
Group profit
CHF 80 million
Cost/income ratio
less than 70%

Strategy 2025

The end of the 2020 financial year marks the start of a new strategy cycle. Our successful Strategy 2020 is the starting point and basis for the new Strategy 2025, which the Board of Directors and Group Executive Management developed following a comprehensive process.