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Social engagement

Taking social responsibility

For us, as a responsible bank, social engagement goes without saying.

VP Bank is committed to the principle of sustainability. For many years now a large number of initiatives and projects have benefited from our commitment to social and cultural causes. But we also foster a sense of social engagement among our employees. In addition, we actively contribute to the development and consolidation of Liechtenstein as a place for business and manufacturing and of the regions in which we have a presence.

Office VP Bank LI


Through our sponsorship programme we are committed to sport, culture and companies that are unique – as unique as the client experiences with which we inspire you.

Projects we sponsor

The VP Bank Rally is a newly launched event that will make the heart of discerning classic car aficionados beat faster. Participants will complete interesting and little-used routes that are off the beaten track of the established rally community. In addition to various trials, the route also includes cultural and culinary stations. In this way we create unique experiences – for classic car aficionados and our clients.

VP Bank - VP Bank Rally

VP Bank Ladies Open

The VP Bank Ladies Open is part of the Access Series on the Ladies European Tour and is the only golf tournament for young female golfers in Switzerland. We support the implementation and improvement of this tournament on the Gams-Werdenberg golf course. In this way we give the up-and-coming generation of golfers a leg up into the professional league while creating unique experiences - for the golfers and our clients.


VP Bank Ladies Open

VP Bank Classic Festival

The avowed aim of the VP Bank Classic Festival is to provide a springboard for young musicians. We are deeply committed to supporting the festival, which offers talented musicians the chance to perform to an audience and gain valuable experience. In this way we generate inspiration – among the public and our clients.


VP Bank Classic Festival


Our donations are made primarily to charitable causes in Liechtenstein that benefit the wider public. Our support is focussed on associations dedicated to popular sports and on cultural institutions with public appeal. In addition, we foster the social engagement of our employees, supporting them with a contribution if they actively work for a charitable institution.


Conditions for donations to sports clubs

  • Based in Liechtenstein
  • Sporting opportunities offered to the wider public all year round
  • Submission of a written donation request


Conditions for donations to cultural institutions

  • Broad public appeal in Liechtenstein
  • Submission of a written donation request

Voraussetzung für Vereine im Breitensport

  • Sitz in Liechtenstein
  • Ganzjähriges Angebot für die breite Öffentlichkeit
  • Einreichung eines schriftlichen Spendengesuchs


Voraussetzung für kulturelle Institutionen

  • Breite Öffentlichkeitswirkung in Liechtenstein
  • Einreichung eines schriftlichen Spendengesuchs

VP Bank Foundation

The VP Bank Foundation encourages projects, institutions and individuals that stand out in the areas of environmental protection, art, education, science and culture. We also help to fund not-for-profit and charitable activities that further social causes.


VP Bank Art Foundation

The VP Bank Art Foundation promotes understanding of art by buying work for its collection and by supporting art publications. The collected works can be seen on VP Bank premises and on loan to external art exhibitions.